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The First Eight Things the Existing CEO of Mahalo Should Do

I don’t work for Mahalo and I don’t know Jason Calacanis. But I found his post about MySpace a bit presumptuous and, frankly, bizarre.

So here are my top-8 things Jason Calacanis should start working on:

1. Get a new designer. The site is really hard to read.

2. Create an original strategy. Too many of your products are inferior ripoffs of those created by competitors that execute better.

3. Focus on either a very simple, straightforward technology product that can be useful to everyone or create something deep and rich that can be useful to a niche audience.

4.  Dominate what you focus on before creating new products.

5. Hire a PR-firm or staffer who can speak on your company’s behalf and enable you to focus on running your company.

6. Stop writing long blog entries that don’t further the interests of Mahalo.

7. Focus on building a good, profitable business that consumers love. Trying to create hype through your blog posts (perhaps in the hopes of unloading the unprofitable, half-baked Mahalo) looks bad.

8. Stop worrying about jobs you don’t have. Focus on making Mahalo work.


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