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Owning The Conversation

There are a ton of blog and community platforms out there but unfortunately few of them really talk to each other.

When a user comments on a blog, the technology platform should allow users the option of posting the comment on the user’s blog with a link to the content the user is commenting on.

– Twitter and Tumblr do a bad job of this.
– Typepad and WordPress don’t do it at all.

Interestingly, DISQUS almost does it. But this can only be used if it’s installed (rather than hosted) It’s also hard to see which posts were most recently posted.

I suspect that once this process-fix is implemented that commenting and engagement will improve markedly.

When we look at the death of the newspaper industry we will  blame them for their inability to adapt and master web technology. Magazines have always served communities but for some reason refused to facillitate relationships and conversations between them.

Instead of developing their own Facebooks, Tumblrs, Diggs, and DISQUSs, they bought, Pointroll.


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